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If you are afraid of a dental treatment, you are not alone. Many people put off dental care because of fear and anxiety. This can have a severe impact on your oral health and may lead to required complex treatments in the future. At Sunridge Dental Clinic, we have several ways to put you at ease during your visit to our clinic. We offer sedation dentistry in Calgary NE for our dental treatments. Sedation dentistry provides a safe dental experience.


What Should You Expect During a Visit?

Sedation dentistry involves a set of pain-management techniques that includes sedatives to help you relax before dental treatments. Sedation dentistry helps you to schedule your dental appointment without excessive worry about the procedure. Whether you need root canal therapy or tooth extraction, sedation dentistry can make your dental treatment stress-free and more relaxing. Sedation dentistry involves methods used by dentists to manage patients’ pain and anxiety and at the same time allowing them to respond to verbal commands and physical stimulation.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry:

  • Quick procedure
  • Alleviate fear or anxiety for dental procedures
  • Useful for people who need complex dental procedures
  • Comfortable for those who have sensitive teeth
  • Patients with sensitive gag reflux
  • For more information, please read our detailed list of benefits

If you have been avoiding dental care fearing the pain, sedation can allow you to get the treatment you need in comfort. Sedation dentistry is an important component of any dental treatment for people who have dental anxiety. Anxiety keeps individuals from receiving the dental treatment they need. The best sedation dentistry option depends on various factors, including the complexity of the treatment, your level of anxiety and fear, medical history and more. Our experienced dentists at Sunridge Dental Clinic will evaluate you during initial consultation and help you determine which options best suits your needs.

Some people misunderstand the term ‘sleep dentistry’ with sedation dentistry. With oral conscious sedation your dentist follows a procedure which usually makes you feel drowsy and relaxed; however, you can remain conscious throughout the dental procedure. You can have control over breathing capacity, protective reflexes and can communicate verbally with your sedation dentist.

Sedation Dentistry in Calgary NE is best suited to people who have fear of dental procedures, sensitive teeth, fear of needles, a strong dislike of the smells and taste associated with dental care, complex dental issues and more. The best way for you to determine whether you require sedation dentistry treatment is to schedule a consultation with an experienced sedation dentist. Choose Sunridge Dental Clinic for sedation dentistry and avoid any pain or discomfort associated with dental procedures. Call us to learn more!


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