How to Prevent Dental Problems?

Maintaining good oral health is very important as it helps safeguard more than just your teeth. Not being able to speak or eat properly can significantly decrease your overall confidence. From bad breath to stained teeth, there are various dental problems that can hamper your oral health. Brushing, flossing and regular dental checkups are some of the best ways to treat these problems. You can always count on Sunridge Dental Clinic to treat your dental problems.

Our team of dentists stay up-to-date with the most relevant techniques and technologies to ensure our patients are well taken care of. From routine checkups to surgeries, we provide services in various aspects of dentistry.

In this blog, we have covered certain precautions you can take to prevent dental problems:


Tooth Protection

Safeguarding your teeth is very important to maintain a good smile. Activities such as contact sports or accidents can put your mouth at risk for injury and lead to dental diseases. Always use mouth guards to protect your teeth from breaking or getting knocked out.

Mouthguards also help patients who grind their teeth. Grinding teeth is a dental problem that leads to loss of tooth enamel, broken teeth and loss of teeth.


Eating Habits

A healthy diet with plenty of vitamin D, calcium and other necessary nutrients is vital for strong teeth and bones. Eating the recommended amount of green vegetables, dairy and calcium-fortified foods, is important for children and young adults.

Avoid too many carbohydrates, candy and sticky food items as they can stick to the teeth unless you brush your teeth after eating. The complex sugar molecules in carbohydrates can turn into bacteria, and when mixed with saliva, it can turn to acid, which deteriorates your teeth.


Proper Brushing Techniques

While it is vital that you brush your teeth, improper brushing can badly affect your teeth. Over brushing can harm the tooth enamel and if you brush for more than four minutes every day, you run the risk of exposing the dentin (the inside layer of teeth).

You should be gentle and careful while brushing our teeth. Brush like you are polishing an eggshell. Brushing with fluoridated toothpaste, before and after bed helps to prevent dental issues.

Flossing your teeth after brushing helps to remove any debris stuck in between your teeth.


Visiting Your Dental Clinic

Regularly seeing a dentist is important for your overall oral health. Your dentist can make use of modern techniques, such as X-Rays, to monitor your dental health.

Getting your teeth professionally cleaned also prevents problems, such as inflammation, gum disease and bleeding.


Let Us Help

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